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LoRaWAN with LoPy and KPN + Loggly

In the Netherlands, KPN was the first to offer nationwide coverage of a IoT network based on LoRaWAN. You can read about my first tests using their Network in combination with the Marvin node in this post. Unlike with the IoT network that for example is currently being rolled out by T-Mobile, which uses NB-IoT and different hardware than The Things Network (TTN), […]

TTN + MQTT + Node-RED + MySQL = local backup of your LoRaWAN data

Now that Alex explained everyone how to use MQTT in combination with the LoPy, I thought it was time to show some more advanced uses of MQTT in case you still had no idea why you would bother learning to understand it. The nice thing about MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport or Message Queue Telemetry Transport) as a protocol, is that it […]

Connect the Puck.js to The Things Network using a Pycom LoPy

I still wasn’t out of “what if…” scenario’s for the devices I had been playing with in relation to The Things Network / LoRaWAN. Because, although I had used the WiFi (and of course LoRA) capabilities of the LoPy a lot, I had not yet played with its BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capabilities. For that I needed something else that could […]

Connect the Circuit Playground to The Things Network using a LoPy

One of the challenges left with regards to the LoPy was to find a way to actually connect sensors to the node. I had little luck with the DHT11 temperature/moisture sensor (one of the drawbacks of MicroPython over regular Arduino code is the lack of libraries) and didn’t have any I2C sensors lying around. But I did of course still had […]