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Wat is er mis met p-waarden?

Het plaatje is nog grappig (zeker als je bezig bent met onderzoek), dit bericht zegt het iets duidelijker “p-values Suck“, of iets uitgebreider: p-values are visual noise taking up precious journal space that could be filled with useful stuff such as actual estimates, effect sizes, scatter plots, confidence or credible intervals, R-code, AICs and DICs, box plots, yes sometimes even white […]

Waarom maken we gebruik van meerkeuzevragen?

Why multiple choice? It’s a question that’s plagued me for a long time, particularly as someone who grew up with one foot in the American and one foot in the British education system. (The former involved a lot of multiple choice testing; the latter, almost none.) Where and when did multiple choice assessment originate? Who decided it was a good measurement […]