Webinar: Digitale Geletterdheid

Yesterday, about 100 participants joined Renee Hobbs during the webinar “Digital literacy, teacher training and the future proof teacher”. During the webinar, Renee showed how digital literacy is an important, multi-faceted topic and how teachers have a lot of options to integrate it into their teaching practices and thus guide students on their path to becoming responsible ict-literate adults.
An important topic for Dutch teachers and teacher training school and one where Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Hogeschool Leiden, Hogeschool Utrecht and Kennisnet will be collaborating on in the professional community ict-literacy for teacher trainers (“vakcommunity digitale geletterdheid voor lerarenopleiders”).

I think the most important lesson that Renee taught us was that in the end, it is not so much about digital skills. It is about preparing students to be able to thrive in a digital society, one that can be shaped by them and us.

With Remco PijpersLeny BaasTheo DoumaMarius van ZandwijkAndrea Hagen. Technical support by Sammi To

An online report (in Dutch) about the session is available on the iXperium website.