dec 122013

I will do this post in English unlike other posts. Reason for that is that the post relates to the Media and Learning Conference and it makes it just a bit easier to read and understand for some people.

Today was the first day of the conference, although yesterday we already had quite an intense pre-conference, organised by the REC:ALL project. I have to admit, I did hear things yesterday that I did not agree with. And in particular that was the way some of the presenters focused on “more views = more success”.  But today I had the opportunity to address that.
My talk, the slides are included above, was part of a 90 minute session, that besides my presentation, included two more. One by Daniel Tan, from the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, and one by Ilkka Kukkonen, from the University of Eastern Finland. And I have to admit, I was a bit worried about the session. Because, we did not have had time to talk about coordinate the contents of our three individual presentations. So, there could have been a huge overlap, or we could have contradicted each other. But the great thing was, that wasn’t the case. Our presentations supplemented each other perfectly.

Lees verder….