mei 302020

Usually I write my blogposts in Dutch. Because there are still a lot of people in the Netherlands that have more difficulty reading English than Dutch. Sometimes I make an exception if the topic is more technical than otherwise. Because then, the chances of anyone other than myself reading the post increases a lot. This is one of those posts.

Last week, I wrote (in Dutch) about the computational thinking challenge of figuring out where we had not yet walked during this COVID-19 era. I also explained that that solutions, based on the tutorials by Fran Polignano had some room for improvement. The Strava client_id, client_secret and refresh_token were visible in the source code and the script did not use caching of the data it retrieves from Strava while Strava limits the number of calls you can make in a specific period of time (and it also is not good practice to not cache such data that changes no more than once a day).

After doing some searching around about possible solutions, I concluded that there is no real feasible “Javascript/client-side script only” option that hides that info. And caching of the data locally is possible, but would still be only half of a solution because every visitor would have to cache it locally and that could still result in more API call than allowed.

Lees verder….