Risky Regencies

Risky Regencies
I’ll do this post in English, because I’m pretty sure that, through the magic of trackbacks or Google search, the post is going to reach Carolyn also. And I don’t want her to have to use Google Translate to be able to read it.

I found myself to be part of a funny blogpost by Carolyn Jewel on the Risky Regencies blog. They describe the blog as “The oldest, the riskiest, and forever the friskiest! A blog devoted to all things historical romance (and lots else besides)”.
Who would have thought that I would ever be interesting enough to be featured in a post on a blog like that. Although, it actually wasn’t about me at first, but about Brooke’s Gazeteer and the river the Aa. See, you just know you can’t help it, but have to read that blog post to find out how all that is connected to me!
It also shows, that the internet makes the world a very small place, even though Google Maps isn’t able to plot directions between our two home towns. 🙂

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I was onderwerp van gesprek in een blogpost op een weblog over historische romans. 🙂 “Risky Regencies” http://t.co/UuPObQKq #grappig

Carolyn Jewel
10 jaren geleden

Thank you for the lovely post! You are welcome at the Riskies any time.


10 jaren geleden

Risky Regencies reaches the Netherlands. Read how it happened: Post is in English http://t.co/ocpzvSJ6