Steve Jobs over de Kindle

“As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos readies to take center stage Monday morning to release what will most likely be the next version of his company’s much-hyped digital reading device, I recently obtained some very interesting–and exclusive–information concerning a very hush-hush meeting between Steve Jobs and Bezos that took place on the eve of the launch of the original Kindle back in November of 2007.
Anyway, here’s the account of the meeting. There was a tape involved, though it was hard to decipher in patches due to the fact that it was well worn and may have been previously used in The Dude’s answering machine.”


Schitterend ’transcript’ van een gesprek tussen Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos en Apple CEO Steve Jobs met als onderwerp de Amazon Kindle.
Het verhaal is zo herkenbaar dat je je zomaar zou kunnen voorstellen dat het écht zo plaats gevonden heeft.
Grappig. :-)