UNFOLD chatsessie

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dec 092004

via de mail ontvangen:

“The UNFOLD project had a significant and successful presence at Online Educa 2004, with with a workshop and several talks and discussion panels being held. In order to build on this, and to make some of the outcomes available to the wider Learning Design community, UNFOLD is holding an online discussion on Thursday December the 16th, 16.00 – 17.00 Central European Time (15.00 – 16.00 UK).”

Uit het vervolg van de mail:

“Colin Tattersall and Daniel Burgos, from The Open University of The Netherlands, will chat about topics from Online Educa 2004, such as the discussions of IMS Learning Design, OpenSource, CopperCore, other tool developments and Standardisation. They will also describe their workshop, which included a hands-on section using CopperCore in which the workshop participants played the role of learners.
This discussion is intented both for people who attended Online Educa 2004 and who would like to share their thoughts and experiences with the UNFOLD Community, and those who could not attend but would like to find out what the outcomes of the sessions were.
Details of the online event are available on the UNFOLD site at www.unfold-project.net
Follow the link in the “upcoming event” panel to the right of the screen (the name may be different if you are not using an English browser). This will take you to the home page for the discussion, where a link is provided to the conference presentations.
A link to the discussion login will be posted on the discussion home page on the morning of the event.”

Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik nog nooit aan zo’n online chatsessie deelgenomen heb, dus heb ik ook geen idee hoe zinvol het is (bijvoorbeeld in vergelijking met het online aanwezig zijn bij de workshop zoals die in Berlijn gegeven is). Ik weet niet of er beeldverbindingen etc. zijn. Ik zelf heb dan een afdelingsmiddag waar ik waarschijnlijk niet op tijd van terug ben om online te zijn, maar ik ben wel geïnteresseerd (als altijd) naar ervaringen van anderen.

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