Zijn Blogs Tamagotchi’s ??

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aug 292004
“Blogs are Tamagotchi. If you don’t feed them, they die. If you don’t clear up their crap – comment spam, for example – they die. They’re more fun when there are other bloggers to play with, just like the new IR connected Tamagotchi are allegedly more fun because your little virtual pet can now interact with other little virtual pets.”


Met die uitspraak begint Suw Charman haar vergelijking.
Lees verder….

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aug 292004
“using software like a wiki effectively is outside the bounds of what the typical 13 to 18 year old wants to do in school. I imagine a conversation something like this:
INSTRUCTOR: ..and you have to use the new wiki to collect, annotate, and link you research to the research of your fellow students. Your use of the wiki will be reflected in your grade.
STUDENT: How will you grade our use of the wiki?
INSTRUCTOR: Well, by the number of times you use it, and the quality of the information you contribute.
STUDENT: Right, well how many times do we have to use it to get a passing grade?
INSTRUCTOR: Now look, see it isn’t just how many times you use it, it’s how you use it…
STUDENT: Then how do we know if what we’re doing will get us a good grade?!”


Verder commentaar op dit moment overbodig lijkt me….Hoe zou het klinken als ik “student” vervang door “medewerker in het onderwijs” ?