Hello to all visitors from Japan

Today, one of the messages on this weblog got linked to by this website. Also, a reply was added that said:

“Isamu Kaneko, a very well-known software engineer and a research associate of Tokyo university, was arrested for creating a P2P software called ‘Winny.’ ‘Winny’ supports anonymous bulletin board and file-sharing.

Creating file-sharing software is completely legal in Japan. Therefore, the police are justifying his arrest by alleging he ‘assisted’ two people who illegally uploaded copyrighted materials using ‘Winny’. This kind of manipulation of the law is a very serious threat to our freedom and rights.

Isamu was arrested May 10, 2004 in Tokyo, by Kyoto prefectural police. He is still under detention is yet to be charged. http://freekaneko.com/en/index.html

The actual message however had nothing to do with Winny the programmer, but was about Winny the Pooh (the bear). I removed the comment there and placed it here in a message. I wish you luck with your cause, even though I’m not actually contributing to it other than leaving the message here for others to read.