Versie 1.1. van de RELOAD editor beschikbaar

Ik heb nog niet veel tijd gehad om er mee te spelen, maar de 1.1 versie van de RELOAD editor kan gedownload worden via de RELOAD website
Een complete lijst met wijzigingen:

* Now supports editing for SCORM 1.2 (Content Packaging 1.1.3 and IMS Metadata 1.2.2)

– option to choose to create SCORM 1.2 Package

– SCORM 1.2 runtime elements for an Item are editable in a separate window

– “Location” field for Metadata

* Preferences dialog added (selected under the “Options” menu

– Default Open directory

– Whether to hide the “Resources” node on the Manifest Tree

– Whether to hide the SCORM nodes on the Manifest Tree

* Changed element display panel layout with helper texts

“Open” Menu now has a single command, now automatically determines type – Metadata, IMS CP or SCORM CP

* Changed “New” Menu to specify SCORM 1.2, IMS CP 1.1.3 and MD 1.2.2 types

* Some element fields now have editing constraints imposed (example – the “Technical/Size” Metadata element only accepts numbers)

* Removed auto-launch of Metadata editor after Metadata node added (SCORM Metadata might be referenced in a separate file)

* Bogus “record” elements are automatically changed to “lom” when opening Metadata

* Changed format and names of Helper files:

– Widget types and field constraints now can be specified in Helper file

– Folder names changed

* Removed greyed out (and therefore redundant) “Add Organizations” and “Add Resources” menu items

* A version of a Content package is determined only from its Namespace in the xml file

* Unsupported Namespaces are changed to supported versions

* CP Aggegrated manifests have all Namespaces stripped and added to root Element

* Much improvement in Aggegrated manifests

* Split Panes are one-touch expandable

* Added tip texts to Helper files

* Imported MD file now has correct Namespace prefix added

* Look & Feel is saved and restored

* Removed third-party “Skin” look and feels – too unreliable

* Fixed ‘Cancel’ option being ignored when asked to save the manifest prior to zipping

* Fixed Netscape Browser not displaying CP Preview (regression in 1.0.18)