Versie 1.0.14 van de RELOAD editor is beschikbaar

Belangrijkste nieuw features/fixes:

– Added Content Package (pre-)Viewer

– Added new menu item – "Find Reference" – if an element has an identifierref attribute then jump to the referenced element

– Removed "Add Manifest" menu Item (replaced by "Aggregate…" menu item, implemented in next version)

– Cut/Copy/Paste in Metadata Editor

– Item and Organization tree nodes now display Title value (if present), else referenced HREF (if present), else ID (if present)

– Title node removed from Tree. Title is now editable from Item & Organization nodes

– More drag and drop rules implemented

– Changed name of Metadata files from "LOM" to "IMS-LRM"

– Removed "LOMv1.0" from taxonpath/source/langstring vocabulary list in MD

– Can now open a Zip file to open for Content Package – it is unzipped to a new Project Folder

– Many bug fixes and optimizations and small, yet cool, stuff

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