Een paar antwoorden op vragen die te vaak gesteld worden…

“I hereby declare these topics dead and/or resolved. They will not be written about anymore. By me, at least. I’m sure some other joker will continue to harange their readers with these moot points.

What’s the definition of a weblog? “A collection of discrete, dated entries that are organized sequentially in time and published to the World Wide Web.” From here. There. Done. Finished. Finito. Moving on.

Are blogs journalism? Idiotic question. Blogs are a medium, journalism is a practice. It’s like asking whether folded paper is journalism or videotape is journalism. The media of the form doesn’t make itself journalism; what someone does with the form makes it journalism.

Do blogs make education better? No. Good teachers (and good parents and good peers and, occasionally, the odd good administrator) make education better. Good teachers might use blogs as a tool to make education better, but they might use an egg carton, a meadow, the Library of Congress, or any number of other things as well (or even more effectively). Bad teachers with blogs (or egg cartons) don’t suddenly become good teachers.

Atom vs. RSS. Really, no one (except a handful of developers) cares.”


Is altijd een goed plan, simpele antwoorden op vragen die te vaak gesteld worden.