No One Standard Will Suit All

“It began as a lonely voice in the wilderness but has grown into open revolt as delegate after delegate at the E-Learning Results conference comes forward with the same message: "there is no one standard to rule them all, nor will there ever be. However seductive the vision of universal interoperability may be, each and every community has its own needs and wants that need to be addressed." IMS, it would appear, now hears this. "IMS aims to gather international specification requirements, come up with flexible specs, which can be adapted or ‘profiled’ to meet local needs." What, then, of SCORM? "Blindly using SCORM is hardly the answer either- unless your community’s needs can be satisfied by it. In this, Lisa Balzereit from the ADL co-lab, admitted, SCORM had clearly been oversold. One of the lessons ADL learned about the SCORM is to better manage expectations. Which was well exemplified by Dan Rehak, SCORM’s chief architect, who pointed out the many times he’d been told that ‘we want to adopt SCORM’, which is countered by Dan’s standard ‘what do you want to do with it?’- and often they have no idea." By Wilbert Kraan, CETIS, May 13, 2003”


Natuurlijk kun je ook het volledige artikel van Wilbert lezen, maar ik vond deze samenvatting van Stephen zo goed, dat ik die opgenomen heb. Het zegt het eigenlijk allemaal.