apr 152017

Now that Alex explained everyone how to use MQTT in combination with the LoPy, I thought it was time to show some more advanced uses of MQTT in case you still had no idea why you would bother learning to understand it.
The nice thing about MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport or Message Queue Telemetry Transport) as a protocol, is that it is not tied to the LoPy or WiPy that Alex used in his example. You can use it in combination with many different devices, tools and applications. For example, in our house, I use a Mosquitto MQTT broker as the central backbone for the home automation. For those that can understand Dutch, see this blogpost I did in 2014, or the one about the lights in my Christmas tree.

MQTT is also supported by The Things Network (TTN) meaning that you can retrieve all the data that your nodes send to TTN using MQTT. This also means you can use MQTT as a way to create a local backup of the data that your nodes send this way.
You can also use it in combination with the KPN LoRaWAN network, but the setup is slightly different. So in this post I am going to focus on TTN, although like before I will be using both the Marvin board and the LoPy board (in combination with Puck.js although that is completely optional of course).

I will be using Node-RED installed on one of my Raspberry Pi devices and I will be using MySQL as the database backend. I will be posting about MySQL versus MongoDB versus InfluxDB one of these days, but on a Raspberry Pi for now this was the quickest and easiest solution.

Let’s dive in:

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