ALTC-2011 Day 2 Standards-based Assessment

It was a shame that only a small number of people had managed to find their way to the The Bragg Cluster for the session titled “Standards-based Assessment – Creating Innovative, Interesting, Interoperable Resources Using QTIv2.1” by Sue Milne, Niall Barr and Graham Smith. It may have been the great number of steps that you have to climb to get to the room.

Personally I enjoyed getting an update on the status of QTI 2.1 in particular related to the Math part of it. It was nice to see how some of the tools have progressed even though it still sounds like somewhat of an uphill struggle. Strange, because enough people agree on the fact that you need interoperability when you develop assessment material.
If you did miss the session and want to check out the available QTI related resources, have a look at this webpage.