okt 062003
“The University of Florida has apparently come up with a technological approach to deal with P2P file sharing on their campus networks. According to this article on wired.com they have developed a program that scans the PCs of students in the UF dorm rooms. The program, dubbed ‘Icarus’ not only detects P2P applications but viruses, worms, and other trojans. If a P2P application is found then an e-mail is sent to the user, a message is popped up on their screen, and their internet connection is disconnected. First time offenders lose their connection for 30 minutes. The second offense results in a 5 day loss. The third strike results in an indefinite loss of connectivity.”


Zoals uit de titel blijkt zijn er nogal wat mensen die het niet helemaal eens zijn met dit initiatief van de Universiteit van Florida.

Lees verder….

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