Rel rond IM plannen Microsoft

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sep 022003
“Microsoft Seeks Cash From IM Client Makers

A week or so ago described Microsoft’s plan to boock third party access to its instant messaging system because of, um, "security issues". My cynicism was well rewarded Friday when the company proposed to Trilian and other companies that provide access to multiple instant messaging systems that they pay a license fee to access the Microsoft product. Now remember, Microsoft did not even invent instant messaging – that honour belongs to ICQ, now owned by AOL. And for Microsoft to deliberately create an incompatible product, then charge a fee to make it work – well, that takes a lot of gall.”


Microsoft heeft het weer gedaan. Ze hebben onlangs aangekondigd het Instant Messaging (IM) netwerk van Microsoft Messenger te gaan afsluiten voor ongeauthoriseerde cliënts (applicaties) van anderen.

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