sep 102008
“A STUDENT petition at the University of Western Sydney is demanding cuts in fees to match cuts in face-to-face teaching time as the university extends the virtual classroom.
Podcasting is a technology that’s supposed to download a good news story: Cyber uni plugs into gen Y!
But Tammy Lawlor, 21, a first-year arts student, is not impressed with the new podcast era at the University of Western Sydney.
‘The isolated learning experience is not satisfying for me,’ Ms Lawlor said. Nor for many other UWS students, judging by the signatures on her petition.
Ms Lawlor said that students learned only in the first week of semester that six of the 13 lectures in one key unit, Texts and Traditions, would come as podcasts. In other units there is a rotating timetable of face-to-face lectures and podcasts.”


Helaas ontbreekt het aan echte informatie over waar het hier nu om gaat. Zijn het audio-opnames of video? Zijn het speciaal voorbereide weblectures, zoals waar ik gisteren over schreef, of …..

Bij gebrek aan achtergrondmateriaal voor dit specifiek geval (wellicht iets voor de studenten Journalistiek om in te duiken?) hou ik het even bij deze twee hier aan gerelateerde berichten:
* Confessions of a Podcast Junkie
* Rethinking the “lecture” podcast

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