Voipbuster veranderingen

We see you are still making calls to our old SIP server. Therefore you receive this message.
Soon we will shut down our old asterisk servers. The exact shutdown date has not been decided yet but will be some time soon. We are sending this email now so you have plenty of time to move to our new SIP system. When a shutdown-date has been decided then we will announce the date again.

How to move:
Connect your SIP device or softphone to our new SIP server with the same username & password as you are using now the old sip server you are connecting to now: sip.voipbuster.com
the new sip server you have to change to: sip1.voipbuster.com

On the new SIPserver there is no GSM codec support for now, but this WILL be supported before we shutdown the old servers, in the meantime use G711alaw (no ulaw!) or G726
The advantage of the new SIP server:
– better audio quality!
– soon: codec support for iLBC / G729 / G723 / GSM
– soon: P2P calls

For IAX users:
We know some of you asterisk-users will not be happy with it but IAX will reach end-of-life soon too. So if you use asterisk and use IAX to make calls, migrate to SIP!


Lekker. Juist door van IAX gebruik te maken kreeg ik het zaakje aan het werken. En nu gaan ze IAX niet langer ondersteunen. :-(